Must Visit Places in Montreal


Montreal can be a fun to visit with your family and friend. This city has so much to offer when it comes to culture, arts and entertainment. If you haven’t heard about the fun activities and places to visit in Montreal, you should definitely do some online research. Montreal has some famous places which are among the top tourists spots in the world. This city has a rich cultural history with many historical places. If you are planning your next trip to Montreal, you should definitely visit the following places. Here is a list of must visit places of Montreal:

The Campus of McGill University

Visiting this beautiful university should be in your to do list while visiting Montreal. This university located in downtown is a historic place. This is perfect example of the rich and artistic architectural culture of Montreal.  The old building holds a historic value and you can learn many things from those. A very little modification has been made on this university architecture. This university still represent the historic early architectural thinking and design. The university campus is green and you can stroll around the university to explore the area. There is also a great restaurant here named “Lola Rosa”.

Montreal Fine Arts Museum

Another great place of Montreal located downtown, it is one of the biggest museum of fine arts in Canada. You will find plenty of interesting things here, and if you are a history lover this is exactly the right place for you. This museum has every something to offer for people of all ages. This is a perfect place to visit with your family. This museum is very popular among tourists; you will always find it crowded. If you want to learn about the history of Montreal city and know about the culture, this is the right place to learn.

The Bell Center

Another great place to visit in Montreal, a large and beautiful sport complex. This place is a proud representation of the national hockey team. The game Hockey is very popular in Canada; it is a very important part of their culture. This is a perfect place to take your children, you will get to know about the sports culture of Canada. It will cost about $5 to get into this complex and it is worth every penny.

Olympic Stadium

This historic stadium is located close to the famous Bio dome and this place is used to hold the international Olympic games. This stadium was the official venue of 1976 summer Olympic. So this place a matter of pride for Canadian. After the Olympic game, this place is now the primary venue for football and baseball game. You must visit this place if you take a trip to Montreal. You will get to know about the national sport teams of Canada. If you are sports loving person, this is the right place for you.

So above are some places you should visit while you are having a trip in Montreal.


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